I have endured a lot in the past - GITONGA writes one year after he published a list of 20 men who allegedly slept with his ex-wife

Sunday, April 7, 2024
 – Ambau Gitonga has described himself as an “idiotic husband” a year after he accused his ex-wife, Linah Rukia Kanake, of extramarital affairs.

Gitonga, a school teacher, had last April, published a list of 20 men who he claimed had slept with her.

The man claimed a catholic priest, who was featured in the list of 20, was among those who allegedly slept with his ex wife.

Prior to releasing the list, he kept sharing incriminating screenshots of messages, chats and photos on what he knew about Linah's alleged escapades.

He also kept sharing numerous posts substantiating his allegations against the 20 men.

"Oh God protect me from my friends now that I know my enemies," he captioned one of the posts last year.

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, April 7, 2024, Ambau said his estranged wife took advantage of his benevolence and tolerance to reduce him to an idiot.


I harbour no hate. I will never be malicious. Inadvertently or otherwise. If I say or state something, just note that it is out of diligent observation and logical reasoning. Thus, the said or the stated facts tentatively hold," he wrote.

Have endured a lot in the past. Poisoning, police harassments and incarceration, name calling and smearing, threats and bluffs inter alia. And still here I am.

I do believe it is out of my benevolence and tolerance for your mischief that you deduced that am an idiot/ Imbecile.

It is shameful and utterly disgracing you fell for an idiot. You must have been, or still you are a zombie. Otherwise, whom do you take yourself for?

To cut the chase, you embraced, entertained and boned with the sages, the veterans and the prodigies yet you are still looking back at the idiot.

How come the then flamboyant polyadrist is single and available for a mingle?

In case you forgot, not here on earth nor in the heaven. 

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