He has trained in US, Israel and Jordan - Here is the decorated career of the 29-year-old captain who was flying the chopper that crashed and killed General OGOLLA.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - Major Benson Magondu is among those who died in the tragic chopper crash that claimed CDF General Francis Ogolla.

But here is the most outstanding thing, at the age of 29 years, he had attained the rank of a Major. Such a rank in the Military at that age is incredible.

His proficiency in aviation made him among the best KAF pilots.

He was among the pilots distinguished to carry the CDF.

I have seen certain quarters disputing how 29-year-old Benson Magondu attained a rank of Major while being a top KAF pilot.

KDF books reveal Benson as an elite KAF pilot.

 A young man who had everything right in Military Aviation.

Had attained top-level training.

Benson Magondu was born in Sept 1993. Completed his KCSE exams at the Moi Forces Academy.

 Attained an A in KCSE.

Ambitious Magondu Joined the Military as a cadet & for 3 years, he was trained in Aviation. Emerged as the top best, commencing his journey as a KDF pilot.

After completing the 3 years of training in Military studies & Aviation, Magondu immediately enrolled in another top piloting course & training in South Africa.

 Returned and deployed to the tactical Laikipia Air Base. Considered a top pilot, he was transferred to Moi Airbase Nairobi.

At Moi Airbase, he  attracted the attention of his seniors from the way he performed as a pilot. 

This prompted sponsorship through KDF to pursue further training in the US, Israel, Jordan etc. 

In this space consistently Magondu rose through 2nd Lt, Lieutenant, CPT & Major.

Magondu emerged as a top Pilot in all training with KAF setting him to climb the ladder. Considered a clinical pilot, on merit, he passed all Aviation tests to become CDF official pilot, also tasked with ferrying CS Defense & Deputy President. All his flights were successful!

Maj. George Benson Magondu leaves behind 3 children. Such a huge loss for KDF & the Kenya Airforce. Magondu flew several CDFs and never had a questionable flight according to records. Another reason to prompt a thorough finding about what really happened on 18th April 2024!

By Chris Sambu

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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