Haiti here we come! RUTO is now ready to deploy Kenya police to the troubled Caribbean nation despite the looming danger

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - President William Ruto is now on the verge of deploying the Kenya police to troubled Haiti.

In a statement, Ruto acknowledged the swearing-in of the Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) after Prime Minister Ariel Henry submitted his formal resignation.

He noted that the latest development in Haiti will help fast-track the deployment of police officers in that country.

The installation of the nine-member Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) marks the first step to forming a new government after months of chaos following gang warfare.

Ruto challenged the Council to expedite the process of establishing a recognized government of the Caribbean nation.

"The swearing-in of the Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) today is a crucial step in the political transition of Haiti. 

"The TPC has the singular task of moving speedily to re-establish key organs of the State critical to the restoration of law and order and necessary for the ushering of hope to all Haitians as prescribed by the Decree of April 12, 2024," Ruto's statement read in part.

The Head of State assured the Transitional Presidential Council that Kenya stands ready to deploy police officers as agreed during the United Nations Security Council meeting.

In the UN treaty, Ruto agreed to deploy 1,000 police enforces to help restore peace in the violence-wracked Haiti.

He even signed a treaty with Ariel days before he submitted his resignation letter.

The agreement was meant to help his administration evade legal battles that hampered the deployment mission.

This comes even as Ruto has been advised not to deploy the Kenyan troops to Haiti owing to the looming danger that awaits them.


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