Disturbing VIDEO shows son shoot dad’s accused killer six times in courtroom

Friday, April 4, 2024
 – Disturbing video shows the moment a revenge-seeking son shoots his father’s accused killer in the middle of a courtroom.

Cristiano Alves Terto, 27, was seen firing six shots at Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano De Moura, 38, during a jury session for his father’s murder trial in São José do Belmonte, Brazil, according to CNN Brasil.

The disturbing incident unfolded on Nov. 29, but the video of the shooting was only released to the public this week.

Footage from inside the courtroom depicts Terto running toward the front with a .38-caliber revolver pointed directly at De Moura, who is sitting only steps away from a juror and an attorney.

Terto fired at least twice while charging him.

The rest of the courtroom descends into chaos as jurors and court staff scatter while the vengeful Terto unleashes his fury at De Moura.

Terto fires another round of shots at De Moura from point-blank range while the defendant stumbles on the floor, trying to seek cover from the hail of bullets.

De Moura makes his way behind a desk while Terto continues to fire until the six-shooter is empty.

Moments later, De Moura collapses on the floor behind the magistrates’ bench, but Terto rushes around it and furiously strikes him twice in the head with the gun, the video shows.

The son then flees the courtroom, while two women who tried pulling him away from De Moura while he was striking him are seen panicking.

Terto was then chased down by police and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, the Pernambuco Military Police told CNN Brasil.

Terto was locked up the day after the shooting and has remained in prison since.

De Moura was rushed to a local hospital and survived the shooting, but was soon after transferred to another facility about 250 miles from the courthouse.

The son tried to kill his father’s accused murderer after De Moura allegedly shot his dad, Francisco Alves, in October 2012 at his home in Lagoa Alexandre.

De Moura allegedly confessed to killing Terto’s father after he was out searching for one of his donkeys that strayed off his property. Alves was on his farm when De Moura came asking about his missing farm animal, to which the murdered father allegedly told him to “get off my property, you filthy little thief,” according to the Sun. Alves allegedly grabbed a wooden stick and walked toward De Moura, the outlet reported, and as he approached, De Moura took out his gun and fired a warning shot.

When the father wouldn’t stop, De Moura fired two more warning shots before hitting Alves in the abdomen. Alves was rushed to the hospital but died 18 days later, according to the Sun.

De Moura fled to Salgueiro — a city about 200 miles from Lagoa Alexandre — but was eventually arrested by police. It’s unknown how long De Moura remained on the run before he was captured and what delayed the trial for the nearly 12-year-old crime.

Watch the video below.

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