Clearer CCTV footage of the man who brutally murdered RITA WAENI at an Airbnb along TRM Drive emerges - How hard is it for DCI to arrest this cold-blooded killer?(WATCH).

Sunday, April 21, 2024 - A clearer CCTV footage of the man who brutally murdered the late University student Rita Waeni after luring her into an Airbnb along TRM Drive has emerged, 3 months after the cold-blooded murder that shocked the nation.

In the footage, the suspected murderer who was donning a white cap and white shoes was captured escorting Rita to the apartment where her decapitated body was later found.

He lured her through Instagram and avoided using his phone when communicating with her.

He chose to communicate with Rita through Instagram DMs.

He also paid in cash when he booked the Airbnb to avoid being traced after committing the heinous murder.

The phone number he used to contact the Airbnb owner was switched off after the murder.

The suspect has never been arrested to date.

Watch the footage.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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