UDA MP goes berserk on RUTO and tears him into pieces over his lies as her people continue to die like flies – Look!

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - Baringo Woman Representative Florence Jematiah has condemned the government of President William Ruto for not tackling the banditry menace in the region. 

Speaking during a public event, Jematiah expressed their worry as area leaders, following the rampant attacks from bandits.

According to the MP, voting in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government was their main hope in ending the banditry menace that has terrorized the region for years, but now seems like they made a mistake.  

“We voted for UDA because we thought this problem would end. Even when the president came to Kabartojo, he saw the situation. He was also threatened,” she stated. 

Jematatiah further recalled the president’s promises to help with dealing with the insecurity, terming them as fake promises. 

“When he got into the government we had more hope, instead, he brought in Azimio people from Tiaty,” she lamented. 

The legislator further addressed the difficulties experienced by other leaders in serving the people, adding that the president's failure to help his supporters was very demoralising. 

During the same event, the area chief threatened to resign from his position, claiming that his life was in danger.

He further noted that several other chiefs had been attacked and robbed in their homes. 

“It’s such a shame for a chief to beg, yet they work for the government. The bandits are threatening the chiefs,” the chief explained. 

The woman representative was attacked by a gang of bandits on March 16. The assailants sprayed bullets on a convoy that was transporting her and the Baringo North Member of Parliament (MP), Joseph Makilap. 

Luckily, nobody was injured during the encounter as the drivers drove off in time, escaping the bandits. 


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