TOM MBOYA Social Hall in MAKADARA belongs to the government – Lands CS ALICE WAHOME says and tells the land grabber to vacate immediately

 Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - Lands Cabinet Secretary, Alice Wahome, has confirmed that the land where Tom Mboya Social Hall in Makadara constituency sits belongs to the government.

While appearing before a Senate committee on Wednesday, Wahome was asked by Nairobi county senator, Edwin Sifuna about the real owner of the hall since it was last week demolished by a private developer.

"Who holds the title deed for the parcel of land on which the Tom Mboya Social Hall in Makadara Constituency in Nairobi City County stands, and could the Cabinet Secretary indicate the ownership history of the said parcel of land?" Sifuna posed.

In response, Wahome revealed that the land was reserved for the Ministry of Public Works for the development of a community hall in 1957.

"The plot where Tom Mboya Social Hall sits was reserved for the Ministry of Public Works for the development of a community hall in June 1957. 

"The plot was leased to KANU for three years, from 1967 on condition that the party pays rent and the land remains government land," Wahome stated.

"KANU then applied for the allocation of the plot in 1985, a letter of allotment was issued in favour of the party on 12th April 1985 for a term of 99 years with effect from March 1985. Thereafter, KANU did not pay the statutory fees indicated in the allotment letter of 10th of April, 2018. 

"The offer had since lapsed. The parcel having been registered as a social hall should remain as such."

Wahome, who said the current title deed held by a private developer is irregular, promised to cancel it and revert it to the government.

"I want to confirm standing on this floor that Gami Properties Limited got an irregular allocation and I would proceed to cancel that title," she added.


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