To hell with your money! EUGENE WAMALWA rejects payment from RUTO's government – Look! This will shock many

Sunday, March 10, 2024 – In an unexpected turn of events, former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has rejected money from President William Ruto's administration.

In a statement, Wamalwa revealed that he received a communication from the Clerk of the National Assembly requiring him to submit his bank details.

The Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) leader indicated that the clerk informed him that he was eligible to receive a sitting allowance for being a member of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO).

However, Wamalwa expressed his reluctance to collect the said dues, owing to a difference in opinion with the NADCO report.

“On Friday, I received an invitation from your officers to deliver my bank details to facilitate payment of my sitting allowances as a member of NADCO,” Wamalwa stated.

“As you are aware, I had already publicly declined to sign the said report after a serious disagreement arose over the failure to address the fundamental issue of reduction of the cost of living. I also declined to accept any payments from the said process.”

 “This is, therefore, to formally notify you that having already made my above position public, I neither have the intention nor the inclination to change my position and/or receive the said monies, which I request be returned to the exchequer,” he declined.

Moreover, Wamalwa refused to append his signature to the NADCO report, which was submitted to Ruto and Azimio Leader Raila Odinga.

He insisted that the report failed to address the audit of the 2022 electoral process, cost of living, restructuring, and reconstitution of the IEBC, establishment and entrenchment of State offices, and fidelity to the law on multiparty democracy effectively.

Wamalwa insisted that the issue of IEBC cannot be ignored as the country will still experience the same problems if it is not fixed.


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