Tafuteni Pahali Pa Kuenda!! - RUTO declares total war on illicit brew

Friday, March 15, 2024 - President William Ruto has warned that his administration will not allow traders who deal in illicit brew to operate in the country.

Speaking in Kericho County on Thursday, the president said his administration agreed to deal decisively with the issue of illicit alcohol.

The head of state argued that imported alcohol and spirits have destroyed the lives of many young people in the country and that it must be stopped immediately.

Ruto directed the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to stop licensing people to import alcohol into the country.

"We have agreed on the issue of alcohol that in Kenya, we will finish it. 

"KRA people should be on the front line. Don't give licenses to anyone or people who import alcohol or bring spirits, which destroy our children in Kenya. 

"We have said that this must stop. We need a sober nation so that we can take our development to the next level," Ruto said.

The president said he would not sit and watch as the entire generation was wiped out by illicit brew.

Ruto insisted that the nationwide crackdown against illicit brew would continue until the war was won.

"No one will die for not taking alcohol, and if there is a person who will be sick for lack of alcohol, we shall take him to hospital for free," he added.


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