Some cleaning practitioners normally sleep with contractors to get cleaning contracts - Professional cleaner claims

Friday, March 15, 2024
 – A professional cleaner, Charity Odinakachi, has claimed that some cleaning practitioners sleep with contractors in order to get cleaning contracts. 

Charity, who disclosed this in a Facebook post on Thursday, March 14, 2024, also shared her experience with an elderly client who wanted to sleep with her when she went to inspect his house for cleaning.

"I was told that some Cleaning practitioners normally have s*x with contractors to get cleaning contracts. My own is; why waste your Hoocup-ness to get a contract that will stress the hell out of you. Yes! Cleaning is not as easy as I make it look. I can’t even imagine, like, why?

I just remembered sometime in 2020, one old man almost made me to forget my home bringing and br*e*ak his head to pieces.

As at that time, I wasn’t charging for site inspections and I was still building my client base, this man asked me to come inspect his building for cleaning.

While we were inside the car, he was saying “I hope you’ll play with me”, I was puzzled o..Play with you as in?

Charity, are you a small girl? He asked..

We got to the house, the building was still in progress, although he had chairs and foam in it, a 4 bedroom bungalow or so.

I gave him the cost to clean, he started saying, ehh, let’s go inside and play.

I was like, excuse you?

Next thing he said, I will give you 5k..Chei!! I told him, it’s because you look old o, don’t ever try this rubbish with me in your life or dial my line. Man wanted to put his f*lthy hands on me, I warned that I was going to make use of the side stool on his damn head if he doesn’t open the door.

I left in one piece, he had the guts to call me to say “Have you changed your mind?” Omo ehh, had it been I know him now ( A very dirty Sl*p)

One thing some of these uncouth men use in luring young ladies is “Audio contracts”, they’ll be saying they know 1000 people they can refer you to. I told one of them; Have you met my God? Baba nor Dey disappoint me and I don’t need to condescend to your level to get jobs.

I’ve never been afraid to grow through the legit process. 

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