SIFUNA says RAILA ODINGA joining the African Union will not help RUTO in 2027 – Any candidate will beat him because he has failed Kenyans!!

Friday, March 15, 2024 - Nairobi County Senator, Edwin Sifuna, has attacked some Kenya Kwanza alliance leaders who have been arguing that there will be no opposition in 2027 if Azimio leader Raila Odinga wins the African Union Chairperson seat.

According to Sifuna, the true opponents of President William Ruto are not the opposition leaders but the Kenyans who voted for the Kenya Kwanza administration in 2022.

Sifuna asserted that the economic climate has negatively impacted Kenyans, resulting in a shift towards choosing leaders based on their ability to show empathy rather than their financial status.

"Even in these matters of the AU, they are now saying Raila is gone and that there will be no opposition for Ruto in 2027. Ruto's opponents are not in leadership. 

"They are among the people you 'lied' to about creating jobs. 

"They are the middle-class people that you have levied SHIF, people you have added VAT on fuel, and all those people you want to pay housing levy. 

"The main opponents of the Kenya Kwanza administration in 2027. 

"Any Kenyan will beat Ruto in 2027. These Kenyans have informed us that they will not seek the smartest politicians or the wealthiest, but rather someone with empathy," Sifuna said.


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