SHOLLEI urges RUTO to ban 262 pesticides that are known to cause cancer in Kenya

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - Uasin Gishu woman representative, Gladys Boss Shollei, has continued to push for the ban of 262 pesticides alleged to be causing cancer in Kenya.

During the parliamentary seating on Wednesday, Boss, who is also the National Assembly Deputy Speaker, echoed her resolve to curb cancer cases in the country.

“Even as we discuss amending the cancer prevention bill we need to be reminded of a petition that I brought up in 2019 by ensuring the removal of 262 pesticide products confirmed by World Science as causing cancer,” she said.

“It has also been confirmed by persons who got cancer as a result of those pesticides which continue to be sold in this country.”

She went on to say that several countries in Europe and the United States have already effected the ban.

“In the United States a court order from the Superior Courts in California ordered that farmers be paid up to $250 million for developing cancer as a result of using the products,” Boss said.

She argued that banning the pesticides would be the key to the implementation of cancer prevention, however, the response has been slow.

“Despite having sent out my petition, the health committee was irresponsible by leaving it to the Pest Product Control Board which has only removed seven products since 2019,” she said.

“The products are in the market and the authorities are yet to remove them, amending this new Bill would be futile before handling this matter,” Boss said.

“These countries are allowed to manufacture but not use them as they are aware of the effects, however, they export to countries like Kenya.”

The Deputy Speaker urged the 13th Health Parliamentary Committee to take action on the matter.

"Why is the Health Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture not acting? yet these products are well known. 

"The real amendment should focus on the ban," Boss said


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