See US President JOE BIDEN’s new ‘boat anchor’ shoes meant for maximum ‘stability’ to prevent him from constantly falling (PHOTOs)

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
 – The new shoes of US leader, Joe Biden have been revealed feeding rumours that the 81-year-old incumbent needs extra stability following a series of falls and stumbles.

Biden has recently been photographed sporting a black pair of Hoka Transport sneakers with his formal suits rather than more traditional dress shoes.

The Hokas are meant for “hiking,” “walking” and “lifestyle” and feature a “quick-toggle lace designed for easy on and off,” according to the product website, which also advertises “neutral” stability for wearers who want “a symmetrical bed of cushion.”

The sneakers also boast a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Association as being good for foot health, a benefit which could come in handy for Biden after his recent medical checkup revealed he suffers from a “stiffened gait.”

Eagle-eyed observers believe the sneakers were prescribed to mitigate the president’s several falls.

Biden has been seen struggling as he goes up and down the steps of Air Force One, repeatedly slipping and stumbling while ascending to and descending from his official plane.

After a series of falls, Biden has opted to use retractable stairs at the back of the plane for boarding rather than the regular longer steps at the front of the aircraft.

Politico first reported on Biden’s increasing use of tennis shoes back in January, citing a source close to the president who said Biden used to “resist” wearing the casual shoes because he was concerned about not looking presidential enough.

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