RUTO promises to distribute cooking gas cylinders to 500,000 Kenyans by July this year even after failing on his earlier promises

Friday, March 22, 2024 – President William Ruto has unveiled an ambitious plan to distribute cooking gas cylinders to 500,000 low-income households in a 4-year plan.

In the National Reporting Indicator Handbook for the newly launched Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP IV) 2023-2027, it was highlighted that the distribution of the gas cylinders promised by Ruto would begin in the current financial year.

According to the plan, 100,000 cylinders will be distributed by July 1, 2024.

The government also revealed that an additional 100,000 cylinders will be delivered to low-income households in the 2024/2025 Financial Year.

The remaining 300,000 will also be distributed in batches of 100,000 for every financial year between July 2025 and July 2028.

Notably, apart from the gas cylinders, the government will also be distributing various accessories including burners.

Earlier, Energy Cabinet Secretary David Chirchir noted that the government will also be introducing different sizes for the gas cylinders explaining that most Kenyans still find difficulty in refilling 6kg cylinders which many Kenyans use.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the government would also roll out a similar programme for schools that often use firewood.

Under the National Liquified Petroleum Gas Enhancement, 5,000 public boarding learning institutions will be provided with clean cooking gas infrastructure.

100 of similar facilities are set to be provided to schools by July 1.

Ruto had promised to deliver the subsidized gas cylinders to every home by July 2023.


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