RUTO allocates himself a cool Sh14.6 billion in the Sh4.2 trillion budget as he slashes money for education – Look at the winners and losers in this year’s budget?

Sunday, March 10, 2024 - President William Ruto’s office and State House have emerged as the biggest winners in this year’s budget.

Ruto's administration plans to spend KSh4.2 trillion in the 2024/2025 financial year, an increase from KSh 3.6 trillion in the current financial year (FY).

In the budget, the Executive has been allocated a big chunk of KSh 2.44 trillion, up from KSh 2.4 trillion in the 2023/2024 FY.

Ruto's office will get KSh5.4 billion, State House KSh9.2 billion, the Office of the Deputy President KSh4.5 billion, and the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary allocated KSh1.5 billion.

Parliament's budget will increase from KSh 40.74 billion to KSh 41.62 billion, and the Judiciary's budget will also be raised from KSh 22.8 billion to KSh 23.7 billion.

The allocation for Consolidated Fund Services has been adjusted to KSh 1.24 trillion from KSh 1.13 trillion, and the Equalisation Fund has a budget of KSh 7.87 billion with an additional KSh 3.53 trillion in arrears.

Even though the Ministry of Education was the biggest winner at KSh 666.46 billion, its budget has been slashed from KSh 689.61 billion in the 2023/2024 FY.

Under the education sector, the State Department for Higher Education will get KSh 131 billion, the State Department of Secondary Education KSh 105.8 billion, university Education KSh 130.2 billion, and primary education KSh 27.7 billion.

Ruto's administration expects the 2024/2025 FY budget deficit to be KSh 703 billion, lower than the current financial year's KSh 785 billion.

The deficit will be plugged through an external borrowing of KSh 326.1 billion and a domestic borrowing of KSh 377.7 billion.


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