Police kill several 'bandits' as they launch operations to regain control in Haiti

Sunday, March 17, 2024
 – Police in Haiti have launched operations to regain control of the capital from feared 'Barbecue' gang leader.

Haiti cops conducted an operation in a neighborhood of the country's capital - Port-au-Prince - controlled by the notorious gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, that left several criminals dead, an official said today.

National police units entered the Delmas neighborhood on Friday evening with the aim of unblocking a road, said Lionel Lazarre of the Haitian police union.

He said several 'bandits' were killed but did not provide any more detail.

Officers also tried to regain control of the capital's main port in another operation this morning.

The area was where gang members had looted several containers, a source at the port told AFP.

Ongoing violence has meant the port has been shut since March 7.

The attacks began earlier this month after Prime Minister Ariel Henry agreed to hold general elections in mid-2025.

Armed gangs have since looted, closed the main airport, and freed prison inmates, causing chaos.

Haitians are awaiting the naming of a transitional governing body meant to restore stability to the impoverished country, wracked by gang violence and largely isolated from the outside world.

This comes after the country's Prime Minister resigned on March 11.

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