OSCAR SUDI reveals how Senator CHESANG stole his expensive phone in an Eldoret nightclub

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has recalled how Trans Nzoia Senator, Allan Chesang, stole his phone at an Eldoret nightclub.

Speaking during a fundraiser in Kesses on Sunday, Sudi said Senator Chesang bought a phone that had been stolen from Sudi.

The lawmaker recounted to the congregation how he went to dance in a nightclub, only for his phone to be snatched by someone.

Senator Chesang coincidentally purchased the phone, only to later realise it belonged to Sudi, prompting him to return it out of fear.

"Have you heard that story about Chesang claiming my phone was stolen? 

"It's true, I had gone to the disco at Springs Club. 

"While I was dancing away someone stole it. 

"The thief went and sold it to Chesang. 

"When he found out it was mine, he said that guy would get me in trouble, and he returned it in peace. 

"I did him a favor, and helped him to become a senator," Sudi recalled.


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