NATEMBEYA hits WETANGULA below the belt as he reveals how he was stingy when he was late dictator MOI’s lawyer

Monday, March 11, 2024 - Trans Nzoia County Governor, George Natembeya, has exposed Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula as the man who supported the oppression of Kenyans during the reign of late Kenyan dictator, Daniel Arap Moi.

Speaking on Sunday, Natembeya said when he was a student leader fighting for a multi-party system Wetang'ula was former president Daniel Moi's lawyer

Natembeya said Wetang'ula did not like the idea of a multi-party system yet he, at one point, became the leader of the Ford Kenya party.

He also said Wetangula, who was a former Bungoma County Senator, was a very stingy person since he didn’t share a cup of tea when they visited his office when he was Moi’s lawyer.

He summoned us to his office very early in the morning. 

"He came dressed in a very neat suit. 

"He removed the coat, put it on his chair, made tea, and took it as we watched, and then he started lecturing us. 

"When you go and riot on the streets and throw stones and you go back to your miserable rooms, and the chips are down, that's when you will realise the futility of your actions. 

"He loves big English. He said fighting for a multi-party system is a futile exercise.

"And now, he even became the leader of Ford-Kenya," Natembeya said.


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