MATATU owners fault MURKOMEN over the ongoing crackdown and blame trucks and school buses for rise in road accidents.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - The Matatu Owners Association has faulted the government for initiating a countrywide traffic crackdown following increased accidents.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the association’s chairman Albert Karakacha stated that the recent incidents involved school buses and Lorries, not matatus.

“We are not going to allow NTSA on our roads and this thing of NTSA dealing with individuals, we want them to stop immediately so that we can deal with the saccos,” he asserted.

He further stated that the crackdown will promote corruption, and pointed out that they are open for dialogue to discuss sustainable solutions.

“We ask the government to engage in joint discussions with us to develop comprehensive and long-term solutions,” he said.

He has urged the Transport Cabinet Secretary to regulate NTSA to ensure the industry runs smoothly.

“I think the accidents in the matatu sector are not alarming compared to Lories and school transport,” Karakacha stated.


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