KARMA: Popular Kikuyu radio presenter who dumped his baby mama and called her a ‘chokoraa’ is now hawking boiled eggs to survive (PHOTOs).

Sunday, March 31, 2024 - Popular Kikuyu radio presenter Munyeki Sonko is struggling to make ends meet after losing his job.

Munyeki, who has worked with top Kikuyu radio stations among them Coro FM and Gukena FM, hawks boiled eggs, samosas, and smokies in a trolley to survive after life took a toll on him.

At the top of his career at Coro FM, he met Mugithi singer Joyce Wamama when she was still an upcoming singer and promised to promote her songs.

He ‘preyed’ on her because she was desperate for fame and in the process, she got pregnant.

She gave birth to a son who resembles Munyeki from head to toe.

He dumped her after she got pregnant, called her a ‘chokoraa’, and rejected the kid.

Joyce has been raising the kid single-handedly.

Munyeki has fallen from grace to grass as Joyce thrives in the Mugithi industry.

Below are photos of the popular vernacular radio presenter hustling in the streets.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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