Influencer ANDREW TATE and his brother 'face 10 allegations of S3XUAL assault in Britain, Romanian officials reveal

Thursday, March 14, 2024
 – Controversial influencer, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been accused of 10 allegations of rape and s3xual assault in Britain, officials have revealed.

The brothers are facing complaints from victims who claim they were drugged and subjected to s3xual acts between 2012 and 2015, a judicial source told Romanian outlet Gandul.

Andrew, 37, and Tristan, 35, are facing being extradited back to Britain after they were arrested in the Romanian capital Bucharest on behalf of Bedfordshire police, who are probing new s3x assault allegations during the same time frame.

The brothers are currently banned from leaving Romania, where they were previously under house arrest, after they were indicted for rape and human trafficking charges in June last year.

A Romanian court ruled earlier this week that they can be sent back to the UK once their Romanian trial is finished, although their case is still being discussed in the preliminary chamber stages and no trial dates have yet been set.

Both Andrew and Tristan 'unequivocally deny' allegations of rape and human trafficking which date back to 2012-2015, for which the European Arrest Warrant was issued.

Speaking to reporters outside court following the ruling, Andrew Tate said: 'I want to give absolute credit to Romanian justice for making the correct decision today.

In an extraordinary rant, he went on: 'Unfortunately I don't think many people in Romania understand, but in the West, in the countries that are owned by the satanists, when you get to a certain level of fame you either put on a dress or you go to jail and I'm happy to make my choice which is jail every single time, my soul is not for sale neither are my principles.

'We're very innocent men and in time everybody's going to see that.

'We are excited to finish this judicial process and clear our names.'

The brothers, who also 'categorically reject all charges' they face in their ongoing trial, will remain under judicial controls in Romania which prevent them travelling outside the country.

Lawyers McCue Jury & Partners revealed they had tipped off British and Romanian authorities that Andrew was planning to flee Romania.

The firm, which is representing four women who have accused Tate of rape and s3xual assault, said in a statement: 'Last week, we received information that Tate might have been planning to flee Romania, where he is due to stand trial for separate allegations of rape and human trafficking.

'We wrote to the British police to bring this to their attention and to urge them to immediately seek a warrant for Tate's detention in Romania and extradition to the UK.'

The intelligence is thought to have prompted Bedfordshire police to act swiftly and ask Westminster Magistrates Court to issue the European arrest Warrant so the men could be held.

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