"He used her car, her siblings, her sweat and everything to take himself a wife" Accountant narrates how her friend's sacrifice for a man was repaid

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
 – An accountant has gone on Facebook to narrate how her friend was rewarded by a man she sacrificed everything for.

She explained that her friend, now over 45, dated a man whom she housed.

The friend lived with her siblings so when the man moved in with them, her siblings joined in taking care of him, including washing his clothes and cooking his food.

The man was also allowed to drive the woman's car.

After all the sacrifices the woman made, when the man was ready to marry, he left without an explanation and married someone else.

14 years on, the man has a happy family and is living well, while the woman is still heartbroken.

Read the emotional story below.

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