Even LINTURI’s ex-wife MARIANNE KITANY is ashamed of him as she tells RUTO to fire him ASAP for conning poor farmers with fake fertilizers

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - Aldai Member of Parliament Marianne Keitany has asked President William Ruto to fire her ex-husband, Mithika Linturi, over the fake fertilizers being distributed to farmers.

During an interview, Kitany said it was shameful for the Agriculture CS and his cartels to sell fake fertilizers to farmers.

She argued that it was unfortunate cartels were hoodwinking farmers by packing sand and excess urea and then packaging and selling that as legitimate fertilizer under the State's subsidy program.

"For me, it is economic sabotage because if this farmer is not going to grow maize in the next seven years because of someone trying to get rich by adding some stones and more urea than is required," she explained.

However, before she could finish her thought, the show's host interjected and asked, "Should President William Ruto show Mithika Linturi the door?"

The MP then responded by challenging the Head of State to make a decision he deems fit to protect the farmers.

"I think the President should lead from the front on this particular issue because fertilizer has been his running call and us within UDA and the Kenya Kwanza Government have actually lagged behind because we have seen the fruits," she stated.

"He needs to take action, whatever action that is required of him."

The former couple had earlier been embroiled in a lawsuit over ownership of their mansion in Runda, Nairobi County.

A suit that Kitany had filed in 2023 seeking to prevent Linturi from kicking her out of the property was rejected by the court.


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