Don’t dare bring your boys here - Haiti Gang Leader, BARBECUE, speaks directly to RUTO as he warns him never to push him to the wall


Thursday, March 14, 2024 - Jimmy Cherizier, a powerful Haitian gang leader who has reigned terror in the past two weeks, has warned President William Ruto and his friends against interfering in the country's affairs amid the chaos.

Kenya is set to lead the peacekeeping mission to Haiti by sending 1,000 security officers to the Caribbean nation.

Speaking during an interview, Cherizier, popularly known as Barbecue, explained that the solution for peace in Haiti will be brought by its citizens and not interventions from foreign powers.

He questioned the motive of the international support, noting that each country seeks to defend its interests on such matters.

"The solution to the problem of Haiti is in Haitians, no other country should intervene. Each country defends its interests...What we need is to change our living conditions," he stated.

At the same time, Cherizier dismissed Ariel Henry's move to resign as Prime Minister, noting that the fight for freedom is still on.

"We do not care about Ariel Henry's resignation. We will continue the fight for Haiti's liberation," the gang leader noted.

Cherizier remarked that his keen interest remained for the Haitian economy to improve. He insisted that he was not seeking to assume any political position.

He pointed out that the main issue facing Haitians is the politicians and not armed gangs.

"The real problem is not the armed gangs. Certainly, they have the responsibility, but the first problem is the politicians. There is a battle to liberate this country. I am sorry for the deaths because lives matter but there is a battle and collateral damage," he stated.

While explaining his relationship with slain president Jovenel Moise, Cherizier noted that the citizens had hope in his leadership.

"I did not have a good relationship with President Moise but what I know is that he was the son of a poor family and wanted change for Haiti. If they don't change, these people, they will kill them," Barbecue pointed out.


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