Domestic violence survivor reveals how she reacted when she heard her first husband who abused her has died

Saturday, March 30, 2024
 – A domestic violence victim has revealed how she reacted when she got news that her abusive husband has died.

The woman explained on Facebook that she left the man due to his abusive nature and she did not inform him before leaving.

She made him believe she was leaving to see her parents and she never went back. She added that after leaving, she burnt her wedding photo, threw her phone in the river, and discarded everything that had to do with the man.

She later got married again and welcomed a daughter with a man she says treats her well.

She revealed on Facebook that she just got news that her first husband died and her only reply was “K”.

She wrote: “so I replied 'K'. turned around and made love to my husband and told him my ex is dead. he laughed and was like I don't have an ex. he's right I don't . that chapter is closed for life..we moved on to greater things.”

See her full post below.

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