DIDDY's sons pack their things and move out of their father's mansion after they were released following raid

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
 – Diddy's two sons who were hauled out of his Los Angeles home in handcuffs during a federal raid came back to the property late at night and left almost immediately with their belongings in tow.

Justin and King Combs were seen on video in handcuffs as Homeland Security agents swept through their father's Beverly Hills estate on March 25. Eventually, they were released without charge and they returned to the house to move their things late Monday night.

Reporters stationed outside recorded Justin pulling up to the property around 10:30 PM. He was later seen gathering boxes and/or luggage and he left with them.

King Combs arrived separately a couple of hours later and he too appeared to gather his things and left.

For now, the property has been deserted, TMZ reports.

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