Big Brother's ANGEL slams trolls following speculation of a breakup with SOMA

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
 – Big Brother star, Angel has taken a swipe at people trolling her following speculation of a breakup with co-star, Soma.

Rumours of their breakup were fuelled by Angel unfollowing Soma on Instagram, and Soma editing the message he posted to celebrate Angel on her birthday earlier this year.

In the first post, Soma called Angel his ‘baby’ and told her he loved her.

He however removed the baby and love in the edited post and just referred to her as Angel.

After being trolled over the alleged breakup, Angel noted that she has been bullied since 2021 and has been given different tags.

She further described the trolls as “idiots”, adding that even if she and Soma have broken up, they are not dragging each other online.

She tweeted;

"You guys have been bullying me since 2021, for no reason even the things you guys accused me of are untrue I still haven’t said a word. You don’t like me, I have heard, I’m a bad girl, I have heard. Honestly shut the hell up, wth

“Even if we broke up, so????? If that were the case? Did you see us dragging ourselves online, you people are in relationships you can only tell God about and you have the audacity. Idiots.”

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