AOKO OTIENO threatens to ‘ruin’ Health CS SUSAN NAKUMINCHA and claims she has receipts where the CS meets speaker WETANGULA for escapades.


Sunday, March 3, 2024 - Controversial blogger Aoko Otieno has come out guns blazing and threatened to 'ruin' Heath Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakumincha.

Aoko claims that Nakumincha has a romantic affair with National Assembly speaker Moses Wetangula.

The fiery blogger claims that she has receipts where they meet for escapades.

This is not the first time that Nakumincha has been linked to a romantic affair with Wetangula.

It is alleged that it is Wetangula who helped her to land the lucrative CS post.

Aoko also alleges that Nakumincha is planning to put his ex-shamba boy, identified as William, on a ghost worker payroll.

Check out her tweet.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. No wonder yule msapere kuchapa Huyu speaker .. Hata kuna some other bukusu lady alitoka nssf namshuku na Huyu tu papa wa Roma

  2. Why is this Aoko so much interested in exposing other people's private lives!!??How will she feel if we decide to dig deep into her life and unearth the skeletons beneath???!!!Well, because she has decided to do that, let her be prepared! Her dirty line will be washed in broad daylight.Na by the way ameacha kumove na mabwana za wenyewe!!??NKT!

  3. Maisha ni kutombana na kuwapa kazi malaya yao.

    And what do you gain by telling us about the fucking of this kikobera powered fucking imbeciles. You wish you were the one being fucked in spreading HIV bugs with yeast fungus.

    Mwambie wataka kutombwa no hii kimalaya ya jamaa. Shenzi sana, kuma yenye mavi yameja na kushidwa kutoko ila baada ya kutombana.

    Shenzi sana.