Actor MARLON WAYANS calls ex BRITTANY MORELAND 'entitled' after she filed for full custody of their 15-month-old daughter, AXL

Friday, March 22, 2024
 – American actor and comedian, Marlon Wayans reacted to his ex-Brittany Moreland filing for sole custody of their 15-month-old daughter.

In an interview with The Shade Room published on Thursday, the actor, 51, called the college graduate, 34, 'entitled' as she filed to only give him visitation rights and requested additional child support.

In an ongoing paternity lawsuit, Moreland recently filed for full legal and physical custody of their daughter Axl.

He confirmed that he is the baby's father and expressed his frustration over the lawsuit as his ex is asking for an additional $2,000 on top of the $18,000 in child support he is already paying.

The comedian, who revealed his eldest child is transgender last year, said he 'refused to be used and discredited'.

All love, all God. The baby isn't a secret,' Wayans told the outlet, confirming he is Axl's father. 'The mama has been posted, but I chose to keep the baby's private life private.

'Ain't nobody's business,' he continued. 'Social media is toxic and dangerous, and I'd like to keep her peace.'

Wayans also has two adult children, Kai, 23, and Shawn, 22, with his ex Angela Zachary, with whom he was in a relationship from 1992 to 2013.

On December 13, 2022, he signed a voluntary declaration of parentage just one day after he welcomed daughter Axl with Moreland.

The White Chicks star expressed his discontent over the paternity lawsuit filed by his ex.

'Do you pay all that money per month and be called a "visitor"? Do the math. This is delusional,' he said. 'I will let the lawyers and God do what they do.

'I'll be creating art from a broken heart. I got nothing but love. Even when it's bad, it's's God,' he added.

As part of her filing, Moreland is also petitioning for 'reasonable expenses of pregnancy and birth' as well as attorney fees to be paid by Wayans.

She submitted an income and expense declaration as she claimed Axl spends '95 percent of their time with me and 5 percent of their time with the other parent'.

According to documentation filed by Moreland, she is also requesting $2,000 per month for child care so she can continue working.

In the court documents, Moreland claimed that Wayans earns $200,000 per month and can afford to pay child support.

Moreland, who claimed she is currently unemployed in the documents, alleged her monthly expenses total $22,080.

She broke down the monthly costs citing $5,000 for rent as well as $9,000 for food, daycare and other expenses.

The total also includes an additional $1,500 for her daughter's clothing and program uniforms for the one-year-old as well as the aforementioned $2,000 for child care.

On the child support requests, Wayans shared his thoughts.

'It's the classic case of a good, loving, responsible father shelling out over $18,000 per month for a one-year-old, and an entitled woman decides she wants more,' he said. 'My mama and dem would've lost their minds for $2,000.'

He continued: 'All these women having to drag men to court who pay nothing towards their children. And here, a woman gets a doctor's salary and says it isn't good enough? I've had two children before this.'

'I've never had this problem,' Wayans said. 'I'm a good man with a good heart and strong sense of responsibility, but I refuse to be used and discredited.'

Despite it all, Wayans told The Shade Room that he had not filed a response to lower the $18,000 monthly payments he makes to his ex now.

'No, I have not,' he said. 'I probably could and should but it goes to show no good deed goes unpunished. But I remain in light and love and keep a smile on my heart.' 

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