RUTO is unwell and could be losing it! See what he did to Kenya Kwanza MPs when they visited State House to tell him how the ground is becoming hostile and shifting?

 Friday, February 9, 2024 – It is beyond doubt that President William Ruto has lost substantial support on the ground due to his unfulfilled campaign promises.

Even close allies of Ruto are now contemplating withdrawing their support for the president, especially after realizing that he has lost ground but remains unwilling to heed advice.

A section of Kenya Kwanza allies believe that Ruto is unwell and losing it or simply just lives in his own weird world.

This is after he lectured them like children, dismissing them as useless when they visited him with their concerns as well as telling him the reality on the ground.

The lawmakers had sought to lobby for action on some of the issues affecting them on the ground like the continued lies by the government in the face of the high cost of living and increased taxation, but instead, they got a tongue-lashing from the president.

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Many are now fellowshipping with Ruto just for political survival after it became apparent that they may not be re-elected in 2027 thanks to the president.


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