Police locate the whereabouts of US fugitive KEVIN KANG’ETHE after daring escape from Muthaiga police station – You won’t believe where he is hiding

 Friday, February 9, 2024 – It is now a matter of when and not if Kelvin Kang’ethe, the man who is wanted in the US for killing his girlfriend, a Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu, at a United States airport in November last year

This is after Police officers located his whereabouts after escaping from Muthaiga Police Station.

Police sources privy to the matter told the press that they traced Kang'ethe's phone signals to Machakos County and have narrowed the search to the Nairobi Metropolis area.

The special team will seek to unearth Kang'ethe's trail and find individuals he contacted within the last 48 hours and also reach out to locals for information on the suspect's exact whereabouts.

The police will also seek to establish any possible accomplices and identify how he sneaked out of the police station to Machakos County.

Further, witnesses unearthed details of Kang'ethe's puzzling escape, explaining how he exited the station's gate without handcuffs and vanished into the traffic.

According to a vendor who sells sweets a few metres from Muthaiga Police Station, the suspect was reportedly picked up by a vehicle that was trailing him as he ran east of the station, towards the National Youth Service barracks, located a few metres away.

Another witness stated that he saw two men pursuing the suspect; one in police uniform while the other in civilian attire. After a while, he noticed that the duo both turned back and headed back to the station.

The witness confirmed that no bullet was fired during the chase despite police standing orders allowing detectives to shoot a suspect who was fleeing lawful custody.


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