Nail salon owner beaten by group of men for not allowing a woman use the salon's bathroom (PHOTOs)

Thursday, February 29, 2024
 – Shocking security footage shows the moment a Las Vegas nail salon owner was beaten inside his shop by three people for allegedly refusing to allow a woman to use the salon's bathroom.

Nathan Nguyen, the owner of The Nail Palace, was working on Sunday, February 26 when a woman came into his salon asking for a pedicure, with her sole intention of using the bathroom, according to 8 News Now.

Nguyen declined the woman’s request before she smashed a plant as she left the store, which is located two miles away from the Las Vegas strip.

The woman, however, returned with three individuals who violently beat the owner inside his salon, a video obtained by 8News Now shows.

For nearly a minute, they stood over Nguyen, hitting him with punches and kicks as he lay on the ground, trying to cover himself from the blows.

“I did not do anything wrong yesterday, I did not hurt her too. I don’t understand why people come back and hurt me like that,” Nguyen told the outlet.

Following the beating, the suspects were captured on cell phone video by people at the business next to the Nail Salon, entering a red sedan before fleeing from the scene.

Another video shows Nguyen sitting on a couch inside his business, gasping for air in front of a blood-stained floor.

“If they did not hurt me by hand, then they would hurt me by a gun or something else, then maybe I would die already,” Nguyen explained to the outlet.

“There was blood all over the clothes. It looked like a horror movie,” Nick Hardman, Nguyen’s spouse and the salon co-owner, told 8 News Now.

“It’s a crazy world and someone just went off and I don’t know why. This could happen to someone else, someone could go off …. someone has got to do something and it’s got to be us, I mean unfortunately.”

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