MOSES KURIA breaks silence on his alleged hatred of CS AISHA JUMWA after his ministry ranked her as the worst performing CS


Thursday, February 22, 2024 - Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has denied having a frosty relationship with his Gender counterpart, Aisha Jumwa, amid speculation that the two have fallen out.

Speaking during an interview, Kuria refuted the claims, insisting that the two share a cordial working relationship that extends outside cabinet meetings.

Kuria pointed out that Kenyans were reading too much into CS Jumwa's post which birthed the fallout rumours.

"Aisha Jumwa is my Twinnie, we met in the Cabinet right after that and we had a good laugh about it," Kuria revealed during the interview.

"You know I have been involved in supporting artists for a long time and that particular day when I made a comment about how we are supporting our musicians, I had spent quite a lot of money." 

"So, I am vested in this particular space, and I talk about MCSK," CS Kuria explained.

This comes a day after Kuria’s Ministry ranked Jumwa as the worst-performing CS in President William Ruto’s Cabinet alongside her Cooperatives counterpart, Simon Chelugui.

The fallout rumours came about after CS Kuria announced that the government was planning to take over the mandate of paying artists their royalties from Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) which he said will going forward be done via eCitizen.

However, CS Aisha Jumwa would in a statement say that the purview to make such a declaration fell within her mandate.

CS Jumwa, who went ahead to correct him added that discussions were still in progress and that a formal announcement would be made once talks were concluded.


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