MCSK boss EZEKIEL MUTUA urges CS MOSES KURIA to keep off from his institution and stop nonsense

 Thursday, February 22, 2024 - Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has urged Public Service Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria to stop poking his nose into the affairs of the institution.

In an interview with Hot 96 on Thursday, Mutua suggested that the outspoken CS should concentrate on his ministry, emphasizing that MCSK is not under his purview.

The aging CEO also affirmed that their responsibilities run parallel, and they won't tolerate Kuria's attempts to harass them in any manner.

"I do not fear Moses Kuria... What happens to people when they come to power? It does not matter how long it takes, they can jail us, and torture us. 

"Why did you go to school if you were going to be harassed by all manner of people? 

"Even if they were to malign us or fabricate lies about us, we are not going to be the first ones. We are not going to be scared of small people," said Mutua.

Mutua declared that the former MP lacks the authority to publicise purported corruption within MCSK on social media platforms.

Mutua’s tantrums come a week after Kuria said the government is spearheading an amendment to the Copyright Act so that royalties are paid through eCitizen as well as promoting transparency in the industry.

"The government is spearheading amendments to the Copyright Act to create a government-run Collective Management Organisation (CMO). 

"All music, copyrights, and royalties will be paid through E-Citizen. Our artists will be individually registered. They can view online how much money has been collected. 

"Siku 40 za wezi wa jasho ya artists zimeisha." The CS wrote on X


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