Late Euphoria star, ANGUS CLOUD's estate faces $310K lawsuit from late actor's assistant over unpaid wages

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
 – Late Euphoria star, Angus Cloud's estate is facing a fresh lawsuit of $310K from his assistant over unpaid wages.

Cloud died at the age of 25 last July 31 at his family's Oakland, California home from an accidental overdose of methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl, and benzodiazepines, authorities said.

In the latest claim made against the estate, a former assistant of the actor, who played the role of 'Fezco Fez' O'Neill on the HBO series, said in court documents reviewed by The Blast said they were owed a total of $310,000 for their work for Cloud.

According to the outlet, the assistant had submitted to the court a creditor's claim taking inventory of the money they were due for their past work.

The creditor said in court docs that they were not paid for their work between the span of September 2021 until July 2023, which totaled $115,000.

The assistant also told the court that Cloud owed another $80,000 on outstanding commissions, based on 10 percent of Cloud's income, bringing the grand total up to $195,000.

The assistant noted a number of sponsorship deals Cloud had with companies including Fila, GMC, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Raybans, Rockstar Energy and others, chronicling payments of $6,500 in connection with the aforementioned business pacts.

In their legal filing, Cloud's assistant included a screengrab of a text message exchange they had with Cloud's mother Lisa Cloud about the actor owing them money, in addition to their concern over his substance abuse struggles.

The assistant wrote to Lisa in the text messages including in court docs, 'He knows I'm fed up. We argue all the time lately about me always telling him stuff.'

Lisa said in response, 'Me too. I always tell him that if you take care of things you have to do, no one has to "nag!" I think the amount of drugs he takes all day every day immobilizes him in every way.

'If he needs you to do so much for him, (and he does) he needs to pay you a monthly assistant's salary before he loses your friendship in a major blowup. I totally understand your friendship.'

The assistant posted an exchange with Angus, who admit he didn't have any money to pay them at the time.

The text read, 'My bad my g you just said you ain't have bread. can't have my business patna out here pockets light.'

According to court documents obtained by The Blast last month, Verizon Wireless alleges Cloud incurred a debut of more than $4000 in what was the third creditor's claim that has been filed against Cloud's estate since his death on July 31.

Verizon Wireless claims that Cloud purchased goods and/or services in the amount of $4,282.70 and was not able to pay before his death.

The creditor's claim was addressed to the actor's mother Lisa, who filed for control of his estate last year - asking to be made sole executor of his estate as he died without a will.

This claim comes after the actor's former manager Diomi Cordero alleged in another lawsuit that Angus owed him almost $95,000 in unpaid commissions.

Cordero claimed Angus stopped paying commissions 'without any basis' long before he died - alleging the actor owed him $94,770 in unpaid commissions from multiple Hollywood jobs.

Documents revealed Cordero and Angus had an agreement in place for the latter to pay the former 10 percent commission - but the late star breached the contract in early 2022.

The filing claimed the ex-manager had 'a record of [Angus] making numerous commission payments to him until he ceased making such payments with no basis.'

The document further read, that Cordero 'engaged in bona fide settlement negotiations with [Angus's] legal representative, and a formal Settlement Agreement was circulated but not agreed to nor executed.'

Among the alleged payments owed were a $17,500 payment from Angus' Ralph Lauren fragrances gig, a $15,000 debt from Euphoria season two, and a $15,000 payment from a collaboration with Atelier Luxury Group.

In November, Cloud's estate was sued by JP Morgan Chase Bank who claimed he owed them $9,056.11.

The claim was filed on Monday, November 27, by the bank and served to Cloud's mother Lisa. The legal documents indicate the 'Decedent purchased goods and/or services totaling the owed amount'.

Lisa estimates his personal property is worth around $1,000,000.

She wrote in a court document: 'Angus Cloud was a young, successful actor, best known for his work in the HBO series Euphoria.

'Upon his passing, he was engaged in a number of agreements that require immediate oversight, management, and enforcement

'Based on a review of some existing agreements, (Lisa) believes Angus assigned certain rights to (a loan-out company), including, but not limited to, certain intellectual property and/or name, image, and likeness rights, as well as his rights to receive income.'

It was noted that Cloud 'finished an acting job shortly before his death, but may not have signed all the applicable agreements. These require the prompt attention of the Company and/or the Estate to allow the project to move forward with the requisite rights.' 

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