KIPTUM’s baby Mama in tears as High Court refuses to take DNA sample of the late marathoner to ascertain if he is the father of her child – Declines to stop the burial

Thursday, February 22, 2024 – The burial of Marathon legend Kelvin Kiptum will go on as planned.

This is after an Eldoret Court declined to suspend the burial over a court case filed by a woman claiming to be the mother of his child.

In the ruling, the court turned down the request and ordered the funeral to proceed as planned.

The 22-year-old woman had filed an application at the court seeking to have the burial suspended, claiming to have sired a child with the marathoner.

Through the application filed by her lawyer, the lady sought to block the funeral, stating that proceeding with the burial would be a violation of the child's rights.

She further alleged that she was not involved in the funeral arrangements of the late world record holder, which have been ongoing.

Further, the lady requested the court to have DNA samples of the marathoner taken before his burial to establish the paternity of the child in question, a request that was also denied.

While declining the application, the judge noted that the burial arrangements have been ongoing for a while and putting a halt would incur hefty losses of the funds.

Kiptum is set to be buried tomorrow in a State accorded funeral, which was approved by the Cabinet and will be attended by the Head of State William Ruto, among other dignitaries.


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