JOE BIDEN stumbles twice while boarding Air Force One despite using short stairs to avoid tripping (VIDEO)

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
 – US President Joe Biden, yet again, has tripped twice while boarding Air Force One despite using a shorter, less challenging staircase.

The 81-year-old US commander-in-chief narrowly avoided a complete tumble as he prepared to set off for Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Footage of the near-miss showed Biden saluting US military personnel at the bottom of the staircase before starting his climb at Andrews Air Force Base.

About halfway up, the president could be seen tripping slightly on a step.

Biden quickly gripped the railing to steady himself but immediately tripped on the following step too.

“Biden almost trips (twice) as he boards Air Force One — despite using the short stairs to avoid tripping,” RNC Research, managed by the Republican National Committee, tweeted.

“A Secret Service agent is placed at the bottom of the stairs whenever Biden boards or disembarks to prevent this very scenario from happening. Biden is not well!”

Watch the video below

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