If you voted for RUTO’s Affordable Housing Bill, run as RAILA incites Kenyans to do this to the traitors for betraying them

 Friday, February 23, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has admonished the Housing Levy bill which is meant to finance the Affordable Housing Program.

In a statement, Azimio termed the bill as unfair, discriminatory, and unconstitutional.

Raila's team went on to incite Kenyans to punish severely and make the lives of MPs who betrayed their wishes by voting for the bill that passed its third reading on Wednesday a living hell.

Ironically, some of Azimio MPs who opposed the bill in public skipped a crucial Parliament session on Tuesday where 141 lawmakers cast their ballot in favour of the bill against 58.

The bill proceeded to the third reading on Wednesday but was disrupted by Azimio's theatrics as its MPs walked out of the House.

They further threatened to proceed to court to counter the controversial housing levy bill or resort to street protests to pile pressure on Ruto. 

Nonetheless, the bill proceeded to the Senate for concurrence. 

"As the Affordable Housing Levy Bill, 2023 moves to the Senate, we once again ask the Senators from across the political divide to be patriotic and reject this Bill," Azimio remarked.


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