IDA ODINGA splits ODM as she unveils RAILA ODINGA’s successor in broad daylight – Look! No one expected this at all

Sunday, February 25, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida Odinga, has caused a storm in ODM.

This is after she endorsed nominated MP John Mbadi as Raila Odinga’s preferred successor if his bid for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson post sails through. 

Speaking at a function in Nyandiwa in Suba South, Ida settled on Mbadi, whom she praised as Raila's heartbeat in an endorsement likely to fuel tensions inside ODM. 

“Baba as he goes to AU has mentored many to take care of what he’s left behind. Mbadi after all these years of mentorship do you still need more training? Should I continue?

“That’s Baba’s heartbeat,” she stated to the delight of the audience which also cheered Mbadi who was present at the function. 

Ida, however, added that more leaders who were tutored by Raila were ready to step up whenever but Mbadi topped the list. 

She also assured Raila's supporters that the party was intact and safe despite Raila seeking to offer his services to the continent and may fail to seek the presidency in a sixth stab in 2027.

“There is nothing that has been lost. He is still a Kenyan and he is not the first Kenyan to seek a job outside the country. He has a ready team, and even when he is away, they are still," Ida, considered to have tested the waters on her husband's behalf encouraged his support base. 

In his response, Mbadi assured Azimio supporters that the party's operations were well-oiled, and they were angling at reaping the benefits of Raila's role at AU, if successful. 

“The fact that Raila is going to the AU job should not bother you at all. We are the ones who know the advantage of it. Let him go and be the President of the whole of Africa,” he stated. 

“To the people of Nyandiwa, that was a big statement. Thank you for the great reception you accorded us! To min piny Dr. Ida Odinga, the words of encouragement meant a lot to me in this journey,” he added.


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  1. Chieth.
    You don't have to endorse anybody unless it's been ushered in to the demonic rituals of your satanic family for generation.
    Leadership should come with clean hands unlike the proboscis monkey of the day with it's table banking abyss regime of kipsigis fools and drug barons baggage of the imbecile president with it's useless taxes.