DANI ALVES' ex-wife 'accidentally' reveals a letter he wrote to her from prison begging for forgiveness in now deleted Instagram post

Saturday, February 24, 2024
 – Dani Alves' ex-wife, Joana Sanz ‘accidentally’ revealed a letter he wrote to her from prison begging for forgiveness in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The 40-year-old ex-Brazilian footballer was convicted of assaulting a woman in the toilet of a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022.

Before receiving a four-and-a-half-year imprisonment term on Thursday, February 22, Alves wrote a letter to his former partner from his prison cell while awaiting trial.

In the letter, he asked for her forgiveness and expressed gratitude for her resilience during his troubling times, as reported by Vogue.

'What I dreamed of and what I continue to dream of. I want to take all the paths with you. I didn't have the wrong woman, yes, it was you.' The letter read.

'There is not a single day, not a single moment, not a single plan in which you are not there. I pray every day for the day to come that I can see you wake up.'

'Nostalgia is not about not being able to do it now. Wherever, whatever, whatever, but with you always by my side. I feel strange feelings. I love you.'

Joana initially shared the love note on her Instagram, but swiftly deleted it, attributing the public post to a mistake intended solely for her close friends.

Following his sentencing to prison and the order to compensate the victim with £130,000 (150,000 euros), reports indicate Alves could potentially be released as early as July 20, having served a third of his term, according to Spanish media sources.

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