YouTuber arrested after he dumped poop on passengers in a metro in Belgium as a prank (VIDEO)

Saturday, January 13, 2024
 – A prankster was arrested in Europe earlier this month for dumping buckets of dog poop onto unsuspecting metro passengers in Belgium.

Authorities in Belgium arrested and charged the individual they named as Y.D. with assault and battery, damage to property using violence and property damage on January 3, a day after he reportedly confessed to police about this prank in Brussels.

Cops say he hurled a mixture of diverse substances such as excrement, oil, beer, water, fallen leaves and paint at innocent bystanders.

Since his arrest, the man has been identified as YaNike on YouTube, with only 480 subscribers.

The prosecutor's office says the poop incidents can be traced in 7 of his 16 videos.

In his most offending video from November 28, titled "Suprise du chef (6)", translated to "Chef's Surprise", he dumps a bucket full of the watery poop onto a horrified train passenger before fleeing.

The victim filed a complaint, according to local outlet Sudinfo and a complaint was also filed by the local transportation operator there, STIB, according to Politico.

Watch the video below.

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