Writer details incidents that caused her to be careful when helping the needy


Tuesday, December 2, 2024 – A writer has detailed several incidents that caused her to apply caution when helping the needy.

She explained that her attempts to crowdfund for the needy have been taken advantage of in the past.

She recalled sourcing for funds from the public for a lady claiming to be in need, only for the lady to use the money to organise a photoshoot with her man.

She also narrated how a woman reached out to her, claiming her child was sick. She provided documents to back her claims. However, when someone was sent to the hospital, it was discovered that the sick child had died months ago and the parents were still using the unfortunate story to make money.

Another man claiming to need help reached out just one month after he was given money for his wife’s CS surgery to claim he needed money for CS surgery again for his wife. When asked how his wife who gave birth a month earlier was ready to give birth again, he explained that his second wife is the one about to give birth and the previous birth was his first wife.

As a result, the writer said she is now careful and tries to do further investigation before helping people.

Read her post below. 

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