‘Watu wa BODA BODA na MAMA MBOGA’ sue RUTO for using them like toilet paper and dumping them when he went to State House

Monday, January 8, 2024
- A section of Boda Boda riders and Mama Mbogas has sued the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Government for using them during the presidential campaigns and later dumping them.

In their petition before a Malindi Court, the group says President William Ruto used them and later dumped them when he won the Presidency.

They further argue that Ruto has subjected them to psychological trauma which has made them have a decrease in their daily income.

“Additionally, the utterances of the Members of the 1st Respondent political party that the current executive arm of the government of Kenya is composed of the boda boda and mama mboga women subject the persons engaged in boda boda and mama mboga business to psychological trauma owing to the reduction in their source of income and hostility of the people of Kenya who are dissatisfied with the government’s inability to bring down the cost of living,” the petition reads.

The riders accuse the Government of spreading a misleading narrative that suggests the current political restraints primarily consist of boda boda and mama mboga women, a claim they vehemently deny.

Additionally, the operators highlight a substantial 32% loss, equivalent to Sh 426 billion, in sector earnings due to the ongoing use of certain terms by the Government.


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