Was late STARLET WAHU a gold digger? Her brother PASTOR KANYARI clears the air

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
- Controversial televangelist, Victor Kanyari, has narrated how his baby sister, Starlet Wahu, met her death at an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi.

Wahu, who was a socialite, was stabbed by her lover identified as John Matara who is already in police custody.

Speaking during his Sunday sermon, Kanyari said Wahu met Matara online and they decided to have a relationship.

Kanyari said Matara convinced Wahu that he was wealthy and the sister had an undying appetite for men with money (filthy rich men).

“When they began dating, the man invited her out for drinks and a meal, he told her that he was very rich.”

“Nowadays girls love rich men, so when she saw he is rich and she is a socialite, they go to a certain club, they then rent a house later for the night," Kanyari said.

Kanyari’s statement is a confirmation that the late Wahu loved rich men like many ladies in Kenya and they are often referred to as ‘gold diggers’.


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