RUTO insists the Judiciary is a corruption den and vows to eliminate corrupt judges and cartels

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
- President William Ruto has maintained that the Judiciary is a crime scene and some judges should be investigated for engaging in corruption.

Speaking in Kapsuswa on Tuesday, Ruto said that he means business and that corruption must end in the Judiciary.

He said that the independence of the Judiciary should not be used as an excuse to deny Kenyans the development, which is their constitutional right.

The President said the independence of the Judiciary should also not mean that it is too important not to be questioned.

Ruto insisted that the judiciary still answers to the people of Kenya.

"We are going to make sure that all of us respect the sovereignty of the people of Kenya.”

“And when I say and I will repeat that we must deal firmly, and decisively with corruption in the judiciary, I mean it and we are going to deal firmly and decisively to root out corruption in the judiciary," he said.

"Nobody should tell us that the independence of the judiciary will be used to deny the people of Kenya their rights.”

“Nobody should tell us the independence of the judiciary also means that the judiciary is holy or sacrosanct.”

“It is still subject to the people of Kenya." 

Ruto added that the transformation of Kenya has been delayed for many years and no one will stop him from moving the country forward.


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