This is RUTO’s message to RAILA ODINGA after he announced the resumption of demos this year – The man has panicked!!

 Monday, January 1, 2024 – President William Ruto has sent a message to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has announced the resumption of anti-government protests over the high cost of living.

Over the weekend, Raila said as an opposition leader, he has no choice but to call a new wave of demonstrations because Ruto’s government has failed to lower the cost of living.

However, in his New Year’s message from Nakuru State Lodge, the head of state said something was wrong with the Kenyan opposition.

 The president accused them of spreading division, conflict, and anarchy in the country, adding that people with selfish interests sponsor most petitions against his policies.

Ruto stated that Kenyans are only interested in progress and development as a country, adding that his triumph in the 2022 General Election is proof of this.

 “You will agree with me that there is something fundamentally wrong with the opposition without any viable alternative whose only purpose is division, conflict, and anarchy. There is something wrong with litigations sponsored by hostage-taking vested interests with the sole aim of delaying, derail and sabotage the delivery of public programs and defeat public interest.

“Time and time again, Kenyans have clearly and manifestly demonstrated their devotion to pursuing opportunities for progress by voting for progressive policies, as they did in the last election,” Ruto said.

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