The Judiciary is Corrupt to the core – MUTAHI NGUNYI says as he advises RUTO to ignore court orders.


Thursday, January 4, 2024 – Renowned political analyst, Prof Mutahi Ngunyi, has advised the president to continue breaking the law and clean the mess at the Judiciary.

In a message on his X platform, Ngunyi said Kenya became a multi-party state when anti-colonial fighters violated the laws, leading him to believe that the president should defy court orders to reform the court.

He also said former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Kiraitu Murungi defied the noise and fired 30 corrupt judges during the ‘radical surgery’ of 2003

Dear Ruto: You are DEAD right. The Judiciary is corrupt TO the CORE and FROM the CORE. Kiraitu Murungi FIRED 30 Judges in 2003 for corruption. As the Executive, you MUST drain this SWAMP.

Do it for the PEOPLE despite the PEOPLE. One MAN with GOD is in the Majority. Drain the SWAMP,” Ngunyi wrote.

Dear Ruto: The ONLY way to transform Kenya is to BREAK the LAW. If we DID not DISOBEY court orders in the Saba Saba of 1990, Kenya would still be a ONE PARTY dictatorship like Rwanda and Uganda. DAMN the law,” Ngunyi added.

Ngunyi‘s remarks come hours after Ruto received wide condemnation over his remarks where he accused some corrupt judges of sabotaging his plans for Kenyans such as suspending the housing levy.

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