The head of corruption in the Judiciary is CJ MARTHA KOOME - Lawyer AHMEDNASIR ABDULLAHI says

Sunday, January 7,2024
- Renowned Nairobi-based lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has referred Chief Justice Martha Koome as the head of corruption in the Judiciary.

In a social media post on Saturday, Ahmednasir who goes by the moniker Grand Mullah in legal circles, said corruption is happening in the Judiciary because Koome is unaware of what is happening at her docket.

The fiery lawyer further stated that CJ Koome runs the Judiciary on a 42-page document about Social Transformation through Access to Justice that does not clearly define her agenda

Ahmednasir further claimed that most of his petitions challenging court decisions have been unfairly dismissed

"The Chief Justice has no idea what problem is facing the Judiciary.”

“If you go to Honourable CJ Martha Koome and ask her what the problems are, she will tell you there are no problems because she is oblivious to what is happening in the Judiciary, to the corruption in all courts, whether it is the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal," Ahmednasir said.

“She comes to the office with a document on Social Transformation through Access to Justice, a 42-page document with 30 pages of photographs.”

“You cannot run the judiciary of this republic with all the problems it faces using a 10-page document.”

“The 10 pages mean nothing actually.”

“It just shows that she doesn't understand the problems.”

“I wish her the best, but she cannot do this job," Ahmednasir added.


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