Stop making noise!! – RUTO tells the Judiciary and vows to expose all corrupt judges


Thursday, January 4, 2024 – President William Ruto has maintained that Kenya’s Judiciary is rogue and vowed to expose judges who have been practicing corruption in several cases.

In a statement by State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed on Wednesday, Ruto insisted it is their duty to expose a section of judicial officers enabling graft.

“Corruption, whether within the Judiciary, the Executive or the Legislature and, indeed, among the general public must not find refuge behind the shield of judicial independence.

“It is our duty to expose and hold accountable those who engage in corrupt practices whoever they may be and wherever they are,” read the statement in part.

The Head of State noted that it was unfair to accuse him of impending independence of the Judiciary considering he had appointed Judges who had earlier been denied their appointments by the former administration.

Ruto further said it would be a dereliction of the President’s oath of office and a betrayal of the people’s mandate to allow their hopes and aspirations to be obstructed by corruption and impunity.

“We are back to the clamour for judiciary reforms last witnessed during President Mwaki Kibaki’s tenure when it was said: ‘Why pay for a lawyer’s services when you can pay a judge?’ We must never allow the return of such impunity in Kenya,” Hussein stated.

The remarks came on the backdrop of widespread condemnation after President Ruto attacked the Judiciary.

Chief Justice Martha Koome on Wednesday noted that the trend of attacking and criticising judges in public in ongoing cases is a way of intimidating them.

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