RUTO’s housing scheme will be the biggest scam in the history of this country – GATHONI WAMUCHOMBA says


Friday, January 26, 2024 - Githunguri Member of Parliament, Gathoni Wamuchomba, has termed President William Ruto's flagship project on affordable housing as the "biggest scam in Kenyan history".

In an interview with KTN News on Friday, Wamuchomba, who is among United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders opposed to the government, said Ruto’s housing program is a plan by his coterie to steal public money.

“This issue will be the biggest scam in the history of this country,’’ Wamuchomba stated.

“The reason why I have been criticizing this housing levy is because somebody is using the name housing levy to collect tax but the said tax is not going to the housing program,” Wamuchomba added.

She further slammed the affordable housing project affirming that it is punitive and that there are other alternative ways to solve the housing crisis in the country.  

The Githunguri MP went on to allege that the government is using the housing levy as a cover-up to pay the national debt.

“The thinking behind the housing levy is a means of collection of money that we desperately need to pay loans.”

“Someone wittingly crafted it as a housing program so that people can accept it because lack of decent housing is one of the country’s pressing needs,” the Githunguri lawmaker stated.


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